We now have PARTS! (well, some parts...)

Nov. 20, 2004 We just aquired the remaining parts inventory (new and used) from OCCO Specialties in New Jersey.
OCCO was the importer of the Valmobile Scooter for the USA and bought the worldwide rights for distribution from GOSHO Japan.
The Factory apparently shipped everything they had to OCCO and then promptly went Bankrupt.

This was back in the mid 1960's.

Some of the items we DO NOT HAVE:
Side Panels
Rear Fenders
Literature (owners manuals, etc)
Replacement Rubber Suspension pieces
Air Cleaner Housings
Kick Pedal Rubber
Grip Rubber (hand grips)
Brake Levers
Any Kind of "Rebuild Kits"
Rear Fenders

sorry- we were as disappointed to find this out as you are.

We are in the process of going through everything to see what we DO have.
Some Parts are already listed on the Valmobile PARTS PAGE

If you do NOT have a Parts Manual, you should get the CD listed here and print it out.

Valmobile Parts Manual and Owner's Service Manual on CD

This CD contains:
Complete Owners Instructions/Service Manual
Complete Parts Catalogue
12 page Color Valmobile Brochure
Articles from:
Jan 1955 Mechanix Illustrated
September 1963 Cycle World (Driving Review)

see really tiny samples of the Brochure and the Manuals below:

The complete Parts Catalogue has 25 pages

The complete Instructions & Service manual has 24 pages

The Color Brochure is 12 pages and extremely cool. ==>

The pics on the CD are all nice and large
and suitable for printing.

This is not available anywhere else.
These are all scanned from my own collection.

I will periodically add more items to the CD
if I aquire more information.

This CD is $10.00
shipping within the US is $3.00
shipping outside the US is $5.00

No parts or CD available at this time.